Indonesia’s Active Role in Searching Peace Solution on Russia-Ukraine War


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Indonesia’s role in the Ukraine-Russia war has been significant in trying to bring peace to the conflict. President Jokowi of Indonesia has visited both countries in a peace mission to help resolve the war and restore the global food supply chain.

The Indonesian government has expressed concerns about the development of the military conflict in Ukraine and its potential threat to regional peace. As the chair of the Group of 20 nations, Indonesia has been urging Russia and Ukraine to rekindle peace talks and seeking ways to free up the global food supply chain.

Although Indonesia has condemned the war and expressed sympathy to Ukrainians, President Jokowi declined a request for arms from Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskiy. Indonesia has not joined the chorus of nations, particularly western countries, in condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which has displaced 11 million people. Instead, Indonesia has taken a neutral stance and sought to facilitate peace as a mediator between Russia and Ukraine.

The country’s G20 presidency provides an opportunity for Indonesia to facilitate peace, rather than view the Russia-Ukraine war as a threat to its G20 presidency plans.

In short, Indonesia’s role in the Ukraine-Russia war has been one of a neutral mediator seeking to facilitate peace. President Jokowi’s visit to both countries as part of a peace mission shows Indonesia’s commitment to resolving the war and restoring the global food supply chain. As the chair of the G20 nations, Indonesia has also been urging Russia and Ukraine to rekindle peace talks and has sought to facilitate peace as a mediator between both countries.

Dawn of New Era under King Charles III


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With the interment of Queen Elizabeth II,  The United Kingdom entered a new era under King Charles III. For 70 years the British Empire was under the leadership of Queen Elizabeth II. One legacy from Queen Elizabeth is the stability of Britain and commonwealth countries over a period of more than half a century. Britain, which had been plagued by violence from Northern Ireland but slowly then after the Cold War became lessened.

This so-called new era under Charles King III was the first, England ceased to be an emporium like the 17th to 20th centuries due to the independence of its colonies. In the midst of that situation, the British Empire must survive not maintaining the values of the kingdom in the United Kingdom and at least as head of state in four countries such as Australia, Canada and Jamaica. Although the territory has shrunk, the remnants of British influence are still lingering. This is what later became Britain’s source of power in international relations.

Secondly, in the days since Queen Elizabeth died it appears that the solidarity of the people in the Kingdom of England from Wales to Scotland to Northern Ireland is strengthening. Hundreds or even thousands of people ranging from Scotland to London, England extended farewell greetings to the minister of Queen Elizabeth. This event is rare, giving rise to the interpretation that it is true that there are still ties between the people of the British Empire and the Royal family. The British royal family because of Prince Harry’s matter of abandoning the royal family’s obligations and choosing to stay in the United States was a challenge from the royal family. But it did not dampen the respect of the British people to Queen Elizabeth II and King Charles III.

Thirdly, When Britain has already exited the European Union through Brexit, Britain’s influence and involvement in Europe is not as close as it used to be. Many rules are a challenge for Britons working in Europe and vice versa. King Charles III’s challenge is how to lead Britain when it is no longer in the extended family of the European Union but is in Europe.

In short, the new era of the British Empire under King Charles III was highly dependent on his leadership ability both in maintaining the monarchical culture in England and in being an inspiration for the British people to face the dynamics of the world including the War in Ukraine which seriously threatened the economies of Britain and Europe.

Random scenarios for Ukraine War



What is look like the outcome of the war in Ukraine? Here are some scenarios based on ongoing events.

Firstly, Ukraine will be occupied by Russia this year

Secondly, Ukraine become puppet government ruled by Russian

Thirdly, a long war without a clear winner due to Western proxy intervention like in Syria

Fourthly, Ukraine sign a peace agreement with Russia with unfair conditions for Ukraine

Finally, Ukraine become a winner with a heavy loss

Detail of these scenarios will be presented in short time