Bagi Anda yang sedang mengumpulkan referensi baik untuk makalah atau akademis atau hanya sekedar ingin mendapatkan informasi yang bersumberkan buku bisa baca secara online.Misalnya The World Factbook 2008 yang dulu dijadikan semacam referensi di perpustakaan besar di seluruh dunia.Tentang Indonesia misalnya:

The Dutch began to colonize Indonesia in the early 17th century; the islands were occupied by Japan from 1942 to 1945. Indonesia declared its independence after Japan’s surrender, but it required four years of intermittent negotiations, recurring hostilities, and UN mediation before the Netherlands agreed to relinquish its colony. Indonesia is the world’s largest archipelagic state and home to the world’s largest Muslim population. Current issues include: alleviating poverty, preventing terrorism, consolidating democracy after four decades of authoritarianism, implementing financial sector reforms, stemming corruption, holding the military and police accountable for human rights violations, and controlling avian influenza. In 2005, Indonesia reached a historic peace agreement with armed separatists in Aceh, which led to democratic elections in December 2006. Indonesia continues to face a low intensity separatist movement in Papua.