Global PoliticsGlobal IssuesPolitics, Economics and Culture2nd EditionRichard PayneFeb 2009, Paperback, 368 pagesFrom human rights and terrorism to climate change and pandemics, Global Issues is a current and topical look at the forces driving globalization. This text focuses on global affairs that transcend state boundaries and are transforming the international system. Designed as a core or supplemental text for international relations or global issues courses, it is the only text of its kind to put complex issues into comprehensive context, thereby explaining the growing economic, political, and culture interdependence visible in the headlines and students’ lives.topContentsChapter 1. Global Issues: Challenges of GlobalizationChapter 2. The Struggle for Primacy in a Global SocietyChapter 3. Human RightsChapter 4. Promoting DemocracyChapter 5. Global TerrorismChapter 6. Weapons ProliferationChapter 7. Global TradeChapter 8. Global InequalityChapter 9. Environmental IssuesChapter 10. Population and MigrationChapter 11. Global CrimeChapter 12. The Globalization of DiseaseChapter 13. Cultural Clashes and Conflict ResolutiontopFeatures* Provides a theoretical framework to facilitate students’ understanding of specific issues in Chapter 1, “Global Issues: The Challenge of Globalization.”* Explores the political, economic, and cultural dimension of each issue, placing it in the broader context of globalization and individual human experience.* Encourages students to engage complex concepts and develop critical thinking skills through “You Decide” boxes and discussion questions in every chapter.* Reinforces students’ understanding of concepts through a marginal glossary and end-of-chapter summaries.* Incorporates numerous maps, photographs, and tables to enliven the text and put issues into deeper context.* Enables students to explore issues by providing websites and addresses for major organizations and groups involved with the issue.* Uses a conversational writing style and numerous examples to make the discussion of global issues accessible to students and easier to relate to their lives.AuthorRichard J. Payne is Distinguished Professor of Politics and Government at Illinois State University.

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