The U.K. capital has become a teeming global boomtown, equal parts shiny and gritty, and our cocky rival for finance, food, fashion, and plain-old fun. But let’s get serious: Would you really want to live there?

Well this is a new version of New York Magazine. Of course this report are welcome by Londoner. Being a Londoner for six years this story cause mix feeling. I tend to agree that London is and will be an ideal capital in 21st Century.However, it is not simple as that. It depends where do you view this fact and how extensive your experience in London. So far, I have wonderful feeling live here. For some people – given latest development on youngster’s murder in London – live here is no easy. Gun crime tend to increase.For more story about London compare to New York you may read latest edition New York Magazine. British Media is also pay attention to this. Read Timesonline here.I just need to add comment that spring season is very beautiful to start cleaning outside house and in garden. I wonder that in London there is community deal with the Greener London.Picture: New York Magazine