“The Globalization of World Politics has done a superb job. Miraculously, it is both handy and sumptuous. Handy in the sense that the volume is self-standing in itself with succinct and lucid style and sumptuous in the sense that the volume covers the whole range of schools of thought and the whole range of policy issues that need to be dealt with in the standard curse of international relations as if readers could feel the richness of each chapter one after another. With substantial revision and updating in 2010, the volume shines even more. The volume shoots at two birds with one stone-successfully! If you are asked to choose one textbook in the area of international relations, this is it. ” – Takashi Inoguchi, University of TokyoJohn Baylis, Steve Smith and Patricia Owens: Introduction1: Anthony McGrew: Globalization and global politicsPart One: The historical context2: David Armstrong: The evolution of international society3: Len Scott: International history, 1900-19994: Michael Cox: From the cold war to the world economic crisisPart Two: Theories of world politics5: Tim Dunne and Brian C. Schmidt: Realism6: Tim Dunne: Liberalism7: Steven L. Lamy: Contemporary mainstream approaches: neo-realism and neo-liberalism8: Stephen Hobden and Richard Wyn Jones: Marxist and critical theories of international relations9: Michael Barnett: Social constructivism10: Lene Hansen: Post structuralism11: Christine Sylvester: Post colonialism12: Richard Shapcott: International ethicsPart Three: Structures and processes13: Mike Sheehan: The changing character of war14: John Baylis: International and global security15: Ngaire Woods: International political economy in an age of globalization16: J. Ann Tickner: Gender in world politics17: Christian Reus-Smit: International law18: Richard Little: International regimes19: Paul Taylor and Devon Curtis: The United Nations20: Peter Willetts: Transnational actors and international organizations in global politicsPart Four: International issues21: John Vogler: Environmental issues22: James D. Kiras: Terrorism and globalization23: Darryl Howlett: Nuclear proliferation24: John Breuilly: Nationalism25: Simon Murden: Culture in world affairs26: Edward Best and Thomas Christiansen: Regionalism in international affairs27: Matthew Watson: Global trade and finance28: Caroline Thomas and Tony Evans: Poverty, development, and hunger29: Amitav Acharya: Human security30: Jack Donnelly: Human rights31: Alex J. Bellamy and Nicholas J. Wheeler: Humanitarian intervention in world politicsPart Five: Globalization in the future32: Andrew Linklater: Globalization and the transformation of political community33: Ian Clark: Globalization and the post-cold war order