Saya pertama kali menemukan apa yang terjadi dengan dunia web 2007 dari majalah online Guardian. Saya langsung ambilkan saja bagaimana generasi baru internet 2007 akan muncul:The next generationThe new MySpace is … Blue DotOne investor said of Blue Dot: ‘I’ve seen email, I’ve seen instant messaging; this has the potential to the third generation of communication.’ Users click on a blue dot on their screen when they find something they like on the web, storing it and sharing it with their friends.Bluedot.usThe new YouTube is … LooptOne day Sam Altman, 21, a student at Stanford University, was walking out of computer science class and wanted to meet friends for lunch. ‘I thought it would be great to see where everyone is by looking down at a phone,’ he said. So he set about writing software to make it possible and raised $5m from venture capitalists. Loopt causes mobile phones to send a ‘beat’ to a phone mast or satellite every 15 minutes, pinpointing their location. Phone owners can share this information with friends’ phones or computers for $2.99 per month in the US.Loopt.comThe new iTunes is … PandoraIn an office in Oakland, California, rows of musicians sit wearing headphones and making entries on computer screens. They are working on the most comprehensive analysis of music ever seen: the Music Genome Project. In every song, they study hundreds of musical details such as melody, rhythm and lyrics. The point of it all is Pandora, a website that invites users to type in a favourite song or artist, then finds songs with a ‘genetic match’ and plays them like a radio station. The service is free, supported by advertising, and has four million listeners.Pandora.comThe new Google is … PowersetBarney Pell is pursuing the dream of a ‘natural language’ search engine. He says that today’s products, such as Google, search only for keywords and cannot, for example, distinguish between ‘book for children’, ‘book by children’, and ‘book about children’. But a natural language search could identify ‘function’ words, understand that word order means something and respect the importance of small ‘stop words’. Pell, 38, believes Powerset’s search engine, soon to be launched, will be a catalyst for the ‘semantic web’.Powerset.comThe new Craigslist is … YelpVolunteer reviewers, or Yelpers, write about their local restaurants, shops, doctors – anything worth reviewing. Their eagerness to share combines the best of social networking with the tools of local search, such as Google Maps. Bob Goodson, a 26-year-old from Norfolk now working for Yelp in San Francisco, says: ‘It is like word of mouth but amplified online.’ Yelp had 1.6 million visits last month. It aims to reach 28 US cities soon, with expansion to Britain likely. Its more prolific reviewers, ‘The Yelp elite squad’, are rewarded with a monthly party.Yelp.comAnda berminat meramaikan ramalan internet 2007 ? Tunggu ada ramalan lain dari penulis blog Singapura.