Mumpung masih hangat dan masih ada waktu satu dua hari ini, program lowongan di Trans TV-TV7 ini bisa Anda klik di Kemudian silahkan klik bagian atasnya dan Anda akan terhubung dengan keterangan dan cara memasukkan lamarannya.

 Berikut ini sebagian keterangan dari situs tersebut.

About BDP   

Broadcaster Development program (BDP) is a program to educate and develop fresh graduates to be highly qualified broadcasters. It is a commitment from the Board of commissioners and Directors to conduct an annual regular program for them and has been done for 6 batches starting in 2001. From this program, we already create and provide capable and skilful individuals in the area of broadcasting. It is already proven that many of our employees (from BDP graduates) are working in other TV stations either local or international, and occupy good position.   Starting this year TV7 join Trans TV. Since then, we have more young people to be trained.    

BDP RECRUITMENT STAGES Selection of Administration Only applicants who meet our recruitment are selected.  Selection Test First Test: General Knowledge and English tests Second test: Psychological Tests If you fail the first test, you cannot continue to the second test If you fail the second test you cannot continue the interview process. Interview with HC & User There are several interview sessions. First, you will be interviewed by HC and then you will be referred to user. Interview with user can be one or more.  Medical Test BDP Training Program Placement of Position 

BDP TRAINING STAGES  It is a 9 months intensive program which consists of 3 steps: STEP ONE (Training Program)  – General Training Program – Specialized training Program – On the Job Training STEP TWO (Contract Employees)  – A six months contract program – Special assignment

STEP THREE (Permanent Employees)  – Permanent Assignment   Every step will be carefully evaluated by a team of evaluator and will be terminated if they failed.