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Some scholars view that corona virus pandemic has influence the way global politics on process. The changes would be in interaction among countries, organization and even people. Countries’ s border as can be seen nowadays already in very tight supervision. One of implication of border issues is no regular flight in and out in easy way.

Transportation is one field which already felt it. Several airlines in the world even the most profitable one should adjust the new situation. After five month since January when covid-19 was still in China, some airlines has talked on reducing its staff. Some airline companies has grounded most of its air fleet.

Other implication of Covid-19 is related to economic situation at almost all countries. As transportation restriction become common in the world, goods traffic are also on halted. Export and import of manufacturing good except essential one like food and medicine might decline more than 50%. It means that export countries could send their product and in same time importing country could received regular product.

In one side, relations among countries mostly depend on importance of issues and needed. Political issues among countries might in less important compare to survival measures in every countries to keep Covid-19 contained and to make people secure. It could be solidarity in the world in raised compare to conflict mood.

However, one of prediction of Covid-19 is the raising of China in world scene. The China – origin of Covid-19 – in very short time could contain and recover from the disease. At least the China’s decisive responses to the pandemic has gave the country ability to maneuver in the world. For example, global diplomacy of China has helped it to establish image as strong and capable country. In this particular situation, China seems be viewed as winner one compare with US, for example. ***