If you career in middle nowhere, this is suggestion from David R Rye about promotion in your office.1: Organizing. To get yourself promoted, you’ve got to have a solid strategy in place as well as a plan to implement it. If you’re not well-organized, you’ll substantially reduce your chances of getting promoted.2: Selling. Successful people are excellent salespeople. They know how to sell themselves and their ideas. You, too, must be able to sell yourself as you walk through the promotional process to get ahead.3: Motivating. The task of climbing up the corporate ladder is a tough challenge. You’re going to slip along the way, and there will be plenty of roadblocks that you’ll have to clear. You have to be capable of keeping yourself and others motivated on a perpetual basis if you expect to make it.4: Communicating. If you can’t communicate effectively, in a manner where people can understand and appreciate what you’re saying, your promotional ambitions will be severely handicapped. Your ability to conduct dynamic and productive meetings will reward you with favorable recognition.5: Networking. Your promotability will depend on who you know. You must establish a solid network of supporters and decision-makers on whom you can count.6: Teaming. The popularity of relying on teams to solve crucial business problems has returned to America’s corporate scene. If you can demonstrate that you’re not only a team player, but a damn good one, you’ll make it to the top.7: Managing. Everybody in any organization must address human relations conflicts on arecurring basis. It’s a fact of life. If you want to become an effective leader, you must know how to manage your way through people obstacles and business problems.Source: 1,001 Ways to Get Promoted y David E. Rye