Challenges for Indonesian Press

Indonesian press encounter uphill battle with new environment which influence distribution content and business model. Digital platform becomes significant trigger for what happens currently in Indonesian press.

Firstly, as news content available for people everyday and every time without spend money to read or listen it. This happens due to progress in information technology. With simple gadget used more than 100 millions people in Indonesia, everyone could simply click button to get latest information. Before, they should buy newspaper, magazines or have radio on television to follow what happening in their surrounding environment.

Secondly, as media growing exponentially – thanks to freedom of press in Indonesia – competition becomes very severe. Online media is available everywhere in Indonesia because to set up media agency as easy as possible. Changes of business model tend to influence all media particularly mainstream media which before enjoy domination on information for public.

Thirdly, as consequences of press freedom in Indonesia, many people could possible produce news almost every time like journalists. The existence of social media put more pressure on traditional media institution. However, news which produced by certain people without news judgement make traditional mass media suffered.