People-Oriented Indonesia’s Foreign Policy in Support of Protecting Citizens

Asep Setiawan & Endang Sulastri
University of Muhammadiyah Jakarta, Indonesia;



Indonesia‟s foreign policy based on national interest is confirmed in the opening of 1945 Constitution. In Joko Widodo‟s government focus on protection of citizen becomes priority. In addition the government also focuses on maintaining Indonesia‟s sovereignty and intensifying economic diplomacy.The Foreign Ministry translates of what concept of people-oriented foreign policy becomes pro people diplomacy and down to earth diplomacy. What is the meaning of this concept and what are implications of the policy are investigated in this research. In order to understand the policy this research looks at some cases of migrant worker particularly in Malaysia. The research uses qualitative approach with descriptive analytic in nature. Data collections for the research are interview, observation, documentation studies and focus group discussion. Source of data was collected from Indonesian Foreign Policy Ministry, Indonesia‟s‟ diplomatic office in Kuala Lumpur and Johor, Malaysia. Data analysis for the research is also used qualitative approach. Research found that Foreign Ministry set up strategy to achieve people oriented foreign policy focus with concept of people‟s diplomacy. Protection citizen set in priority with enlargement of organization and fund increased. It shows there is sense of urgency in application to protect Indonesia’s overseas particularly migrant worker. Benefit of the policy can be found from many cases in Kuala Lumpur and Johor where diplomats in charge of helping the worker actively find solution. However due the giant scale of the cases protecting people policy is not easy task for the government.

Keywords: Foreign Policy, Indonesia, Oriented People, Pro People, Diplomacy, Migrant Worker, Malaysia, Johor.